Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recent Articles

There have been several smoke free related articles recently in the news:

IBJ article on cities taking it upon themselves to go smoke free after the state failed to pass a statewide smoke free policy "Anti-Smoking Advocates Working One City at a Time."

The city of Westfield last night introduced an ordinance to make their entire city smoke free, a public hearing on the measure will be June 8th, "Westfield considers wide smoking ban." If Westfield does pass an ordinance it would be yet another city leaving Indianapolis behind in going smoke free.

FDA regulation of the tobacco industry has made it out of the U.S. House and is now being considered in the the U.S. Senate, today's Star has a good synopsis of the bill, "Tobacco industry may answer to FDA soon, Senate expected to follow House in approving federal regulation."

Lastly, Bruce Hetrick wrote an excellent article in this week's IBJ comparing the impact of the swine flu to the impact of tobacco on our nation, be sure to check it out, "NOTIONS: Whole-hog health scare: A deadly double standard."

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