Friday, August 19, 2011

Tobacco Industry Sues the FDA

As we all know, the FDA is requiring cigarette companies to include graphic warning labels on all packaging by 2012, in response to these new warning requirements the tobacco industry is suing the FDA. They are suing because these labels 'unfairly urge adults to shun their legal products and will cost millions to produce.' So it seems they are suing because the government is finally requiring them to tell the truth that by using their product you can die. Again the tobacco industry is really looking out for all of us and not the bottom line (insert sarcasm). Last year in Indiana the tobacco industry spent $307.5 MILLION to advertise their products, and they are complaining about the ink it will cost to print these new warning labels? Give me a break...

David Orentlicher has a good synopsis of why the tobacco industry's legal fight won't hold up in court in today's Indianapolis Star:

Friday, August 12, 2011

IU Health's New Smokefree Policy

IU Health has a new smokefree policy that will protect patients and staff from thirdhand smoke. Employees are no longer allowed to smoke during work hours, in the past they were not allowed to smoke on hospital property but could go off property during their shift to smoke. This new policy will protect patients from thirdhand smoke, the lingering chemicals and smell left on a person after they smoke. Studies have shown that thirdhand smoke exposes individuals who do not smoke to the harmful chemicals in cigarettes and can trigger asthma attacks and other breathing issues.

Congratulations to IU Health for taking the health of their patients and staff seriously.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Star Editorial

There is an interesting editorial in today's Indianapolis Star about the reduced adult smoking rate:
The editorial brings up a good point that the smoking rate could be lower if Indiana had full tobacco prevention funding and a smokefree air law.

Muncie Smokefree Today!

Today is the official start of Muncie's smokefree air ordinance that covers all workplaces in Delaware County. Muncie now joins Fort Wayne, West Lafayette, Bloomington, Greenfield and Terre Haute with a comprehensive smokefree air law. It is now very clear that Indianapolis is not only falling behind the rest of the nation in not having a comprehensive law, but we are also falling behind the rest of Indiana.

Check out this great editorial from a veteran who is happy that her club is now smokefree:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lower Smoking Rate in Indiana

Yesterday, the Indiana State Department of Health released the 2010 Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System results, Indiana's smoking rate is now 21.2 percent, down from 23.1 percent. This is the lowest smoking rate that Indiana has ever seen, but it is still higher than the national average of 17.3 percent. Indiana still has a long way to go to further reduce smoking rates, we still need to pass a comprehensive smokefree air law, increase tobacco prevention funding and increase the tobacco tax. Hopefully the 2012 legislative session can bring positive change for Indiana.

In the mean time, if you know someone who wants to quit smoking tell them about the Quit Now Indiana Contest. If they quit between October 1-31 and stay quit they can enter the contest for a chance to win $2,500. They can sign-up on line or visit the Quit Now booth at the Indiana State Fair in front of the grandstands.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smokefree Air Laws Do Not Impact Urban OR Rural Economies

A recent study released out of the University of Kentucky found that comprehensive smokefree air laws do not harm businesses in either rural or urban communities. Through an analysis of both types of communities in Ohio and Kentucky, researchers found that going smokefree does not negatively impact the number of employees, wages paid or the number of hospitality establishments. This study shows that if Indiana goes completely smokefree our hospitality establishments would not be negatively impacted from Indianapolis to Cicero.

Tobacco Free Kids Action Fund Endorses Melina Kennedy for Mayor

The Tobacco Free Kids Action Fund released a statement today endorsing Melina Kennedy for Mayor of Indianapolis. The Campaign sites her support for smokefree air as the reason for their endorsement. Go here for complete information about this endorsement: