Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lower Smoking Rate in Indiana

Yesterday, the Indiana State Department of Health released the 2010 Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System results, Indiana's smoking rate is now 21.2 percent, down from 23.1 percent. This is the lowest smoking rate that Indiana has ever seen, but it is still higher than the national average of 17.3 percent. Indiana still has a long way to go to further reduce smoking rates, we still need to pass a comprehensive smokefree air law, increase tobacco prevention funding and increase the tobacco tax. Hopefully the 2012 legislative session can bring positive change for Indiana.

In the mean time, if you know someone who wants to quit smoking tell them about the Quit Now Indiana Contest. If they quit between October 1-31 and stay quit they can enter the contest for a chance to win $2,500. They can sign-up on line or visit the Quit Now booth at the Indiana State Fair in front of the grandstands.

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