Monday, August 25, 2008

The Impact of Smoke Free Air
A recent study completed by the University of Kentucky found that the number of ER visits for asthma related causes decreased by 22 percent after the city of Lexington passed a comprehensive smoke free air law. This study is significant because it further highlights the harmful effects that secondhand smoke has on the human body and the impact smoke free air laws have on the healthcare system. This research relates to the study completed by Indiana University, which found that after Monroe County’s comprehensive smoke free indoor air law was passed, the number of hospital admissions for heart attacks decreased by 59 percent.

Imagine what could happen here in Indianapolis if we went completely smoke free? Reduced heart attacks, decreased asthma emergencies, fewer smokers, the possibilities are endless…

Monday, August 18, 2008

Smoke Free Fair?

While attending the Indiana State Fair, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was a smoke free event. They demonstrated their commitment to a healthier Indiana by taking a step closer in protecting Hoosiers from secondhand smoke. It appears the process is being implemented in phases, as they did allow designated smoking areas for staff, vendors, and attendees who could not go the distance without a smoke. This was a good attempt, but some smokers were not willing to visit these areas to light up, which was disappointing, considering they had over 25 areas highlighted on the map. Hopefully next year they will continue their commitment in helping us all live healthier lives by truly making the entire fair completely smoke free!