Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lawsuit in Muncie

I guess the individuals in Muncie suing over the impending smokefree air law did not get the memo that this type of law is already in place in over half the country including Fort Wayne, Bloomington and West Lafayette. There is no constitutional 'right' to smoke. Going smokefree is not ground breaking and these lawsuits get thrown out of court. Instead of waisting their money on legal action they should be happy with all the money they will be saving from reduced cleaning and health care costs.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Updates

After a brief summer hiatus we are back and blogging about smoking and smokefree air in Indiana and Indianapolis. Here is a brief list of important developments and articles that we missed while we were away.

The FDA released new warning labels on cigarette packaging, the new labels will appear in 2012. The labels show the real impact of tobacco use with images of cancer and deceased individuals. It is still to be determined whether or not these labels will motivate a long time smoker to quit, but they will deter young people from starting to smoke.

The American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network just released a report that determined Indiana would save $74.5 million in lung cancer, heart attack and stroke costs and 27,300 fewer youth would start smoking if the state went totally smokefree. This report fuels the need to pass a strong smokefree air law in Indiana.

Making Indiana and Indianapolis smokefree continues to be a key issue in both local and state politics. In local politics, we know that mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy supports making Indianapolis smokefree, but Mayor Greg Ballard does not. It also appears that many of the Democratic council candidates support making the city smokefree. We hope that the Republican candidates will also support making the city smokefree for the health of all workers. Clearly making Indy smokefree is an important step towards making the city a greener and more progressive city

Lastly, the Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Agency is now a part of the Indiana State Department of Health and is called the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission. The new Commission is still able to give out funding to local organizations to do tobacco control and prevention, which is good news for all Hoosiers.