Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Public Opinion Poll

Yesterday the Survey Research Center at IUPUI released results of a recent public opinion poll of Marion County residents on their support for a comprehensive smoke free ordinance in Marion County.

Here are the highlights from the report:
  • The survey found that 69.5 percent of Marion County residents support an ordinance prohibiting smoking in all workplaces, including bars, bowling alleys and restaurants.
  • 87 percent of Marion County residents believe people who work indoors should do so in a smoke free environment, with 67.7 percent of smokers agreeing as well.
  • The data furthermore shows deep bipartisan public support for a comprehensive smoke free law among those who identify as Republicans, Democrats or Independents.
  • Finally, the survey data reports Marion County residents indicated that they would go out more if bars, bowling alleys and restaurants were smoke free, with respondents reporting a net gain of 23.9 percent.

To read the full report go to our website, there you can also read the executive summary and the charts that were used at yesterday's press conference.

As you can clearly see Indianapolis residents want a comprehensive smoke free policy for ALL workers in Marion County. With the many other Indiana cities already smoke free and with all the data showing both positive health and economic impacts of these ordinances there is no longer an excuse to not pass a comprehensive law in Indy. Contact your Councillor in support of passing a comprehensive smoke free air policy to make this happen.

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