Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Health Finance Commision to Study Making Indiana Smoke Free

On Wednesday, the Health Finance Commission will study the impact of a smoke free air law on Indiana businesses. By taking this step the Commission is recognizing the possible need for a smoke free air law that covers all Indiana workers. Last Saturday, September 4th, the Indianapolis Star wrote an editorial in support of making all Indiana businesses smoke free. The Star has continually stood-up in support of smoke free laws in both Indiana and Indianapolis, hopefully this time our elected officials will listen to their sound advice.

Also in today's Star there is a Letter to the Editor from Danielle Patterson, Chair of the Indiana Campaign for Smoke Free Air coalition and with the American Heart Association. To learn more about this coalition please go here: http://worksmokefree.com/.

This upcoming legislative session will be an interesting one, and hopefully a successful one for smoke free air.

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