Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update on Proposal 371

Last night, the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council voted on Proposal 371, the smoke free workplace proposal that would remove smoking from most indoor workplaces in Indianapolis, including bars, nightclubs and bowling alleys. Neither the supporters of Proposal 371 nor the opponents had enough votes to pass or kill Proposal 371.

A motion was made and passed to table Proposal 371. So what does this mean? 15 votes will now be required at a Council meeting to re-hear Proposal 371 and then it can be voted on again.

If you missed the news, here are just a couple of links:
Channel 6
Fox 59

Thanks to everyone for their work thus far. We couldn't have gotten this close without everyone's help. And there are still things you can do today to continue to help us fight (see below).

The opposition isn't giving up and neither are we. This proposal is NOT dead. We will continue to work untill all workers in Indianapolis are protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke.


-Send a thank you e-mail to those who voted "YES" for proposal 371.
Councillor Benjamin Hunter: bdhunter@sbcglobal.net
Councillor Angela Mansfield: angelamansfield@aol.com
Councillor Jose Evans: info@evansforindy.com
Councillor Paul Bateman: ccpsbateman@hotmail.com
Councillor Maggie Lewis: mlewis2@indygov.org
Councillor Brian Mahern: brian@mahern.net
Councillor Barbara Malone: barbara_malone@sbcglobal.net
Councillor Mary Moriarty Adams: mmadams@iquest.net
Councillor Jackie Nytes: jackie@jackienytes.com
Councillor Joanne Sanders: jmsanders@msn.com
Councillor Kent Smith: ksmith4ccc@gmail.com
Councillor Ryan Vaughn: rvaughn@indygov.org

-Send an e-mail to the Mayor at jcochran@indygov.org and tell him you STILL support Proposal 371.

-Write a letter to the editor in support of Proposal 371.

-Stay tuned with all the latest details by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

All workers should have the same protection...whether you work in an office or bar, whether you took the bar exam or you are a bartender; the law should cover all. Let's make Indianapolis a truly world class city!

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