Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Countdown to a Smoke Free City!

Dear friends,

We are only six days away from the full council vote on Proposal 371!

We need everyone's help. If you haven't already done so please contact your councillor and ask him to vote YES on proposal 371 with no further exemptions.

Also, don't forget to contact our Mayor and ask him to protect the health of all workers by making Indianapolis smoke free.

If you'd like to get more involved in our efforts please send an email to info@smokefreeindy.com

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Anonymous said...

Just a reminder of the sources of the bans, the RWJ Foundation, owned by big pharma, and the coalitions, more concerned with "social change" than the bans themselves:


And what the 99 million dollars was going to. Note on page seven the "inside -out", provision going for patios later, AFTER business owners spend thousands of dollars to build them to accommodate their smoking customers, clearly showing that the tobacco control activists have ABSOLUTLY NO CONCERN about local issues or businesses. You may need to CTRL and scoll to enlarge it.


Here's the "model ban" from page eight that many communities copied, printed, and passed. It's the "smoking ban for dummies" It only takes a few minutes to fill in the blanks naming your community, the administrators names, and blanks to customize it to your community.