Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fix It OR Kill It

'Fix it or Kill it' is now the mantra for HB 1213 from many statewide organizations working on passing a smoke free air law in Indiana. The current version of HB 1213 has exemptions for casinos, bars, private clubs, nursing homes, and in home businesses. These exemptions do not protect all workers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on the job. The bill is currently waiting to be heard in the Senate Commerce, Public Policy and Interstate Cooperation committee. Recent news reports have had Senators Alting and Dillon talking about not even allowing the bill to be heard due to the lack of support for its current version. Having the bill not be heard is not a bad thing, it would prevent a weaker version from being passed and then taking years for Indiana to finally pass a comprehensive law.

So there is still time to contact your Senator or a member of the Commerce committee with the message fix HB 1213 back to its compressive smoke free version in which all businesses are covered or kill it and we will try to get something passed next year.

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