Monday, November 10, 2008

It’s Time For Change!!

Last week was a historical time for all Americans; no matter who you voted for in this election, “change” is the cry heard around the world. The profound message is we all can and do make a difference when we take action and get involved.

Take Note and Smoke Free Indy volunteers have been working together to draw attention to the big problem of smoky entertainment venues. The movement has been gaining support and building momentum. This cause is much like the presidential campaign executed by Obama, who re-wrote the book on campaign marketing by transforming the election into a true social movement. Everywhere you looked there were Obama yard signs, t-shirts, or volunteers hitting the pavement, knocking on your door willing and ready to discuss his agenda. That is exactly what Take Note and Smoke Free Indy are all about!

Take Note and Smoke Free Indy are grassroots networks of people just like you. It’s time to take ownership of this campaign and make it a true movement. Get on board and spread the word. Its time to make history! Join Take Note and Smoke Free Indy in making all of Indianapolis smoke free.

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