Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adobo Grill Went Smoke Free

Thanks to the heads up from Feed Me/Drink Me for finding out that Adobo Grill has gone smoke free months after opening in their new location as a smoking establishment. I had always wanted to try Adobo Grill but had never seemed to make it to their old location off of 82nd and Allisonville. I was very excited to hear that they were moving downtown which would allow me to stop in one day for lunch, and if I really liked it than for dinner. Though when I heard they opened as a smoky place I swore off ever gracing their door. But hooray they finally made the right decision to go smoke free and to become a healthy restaurant and not a stinky secondhand smoke filled bar catering to 24 percent of the population.

Of course now there are some other restaurants downtown and throughout the city that have decided to cater to smokers as well (you know where they are) whoose I will also never go to. I would recommend that you also skip them, and or ask the management to have them become smoke free. It seemed to work at Adobo, maybe it can work other places too.

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