Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Support New Proposal to Expand Smokefree Air in Workplaces

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lindsay Grace

Smokefree Indy Supports New Proposal to Expand Smokefree Air in Workplaces

Smokefree Indy supports a new smokefree air proposal, which would expand the number of smokefree workplaces in Marion County.

The proposal, which is expected to be introduced at Monday’s Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council meeting, eliminates exemptions for bars, taverns, hotels, motels and bowling alleys among others.

“We commend Councilors Angela Mansfield and John Barth for continuing the bi-partisan fight for smokefree air in Marion County,” said Lindsay Grace, chair of Smokefree Indy. “The health of our workforce is paramount to the vibrancy of our community. Eliminating health risks such as secondhand smoke from workplaces such as bars, taverns and bowling alleys will improve the lives of thousands of workers.

“This proposal includes language that has passed the council previously, but also incorporates language that we feel should garner the support of Mayor Ballard. We encourage all of our local politicians to pass this proposal.”

Marion County has had an exemption-filled smokefree law since 2006. The recent passage of a statewide smokefree law had a minimal effect on Marion County.

Smoke Free Indy is a coalition of state and local public health organizations, community-based organizations, physicians, businesses, schools, the faith community, and Marion County residents dedicated to reducing secondhand smoke, tobacco usage and tobacco initiation through education, prevention and advocacy. For more information visit:

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