Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smokefree Air Laws Do Not Impact Off Track Betting Parlors

A new study out in this month's Tobacco Control Journal, finds that smokefree air laws do not impact business in off-track betting parlors (OTB). The research was done by Jon Macy at Indiana University and covers OTB's in Indiana. Macy found that Fort Wayne's OTB did not loose business after going smokefree compared to the OTB's in Indianapolis and Merrillville that allow smoking. All three OTB's business fluctuated with the economy at a similar rate even after the Fort Wayne smokefree air law was implemented in 2007.

This study is very important because it debunks the claim by the gambling industry that going smokefree will hurt their business. This study aligns itself with the many other studies done across the nation which found that going smokefree does not harm restaurant or bar revenue.

If the state does not pass a smokefree air bill this session, hopefully Indianapolis will pass a law that covers all businesses including our OTB sooner rather than later. If 24 states and countless cities can go smokefree, Why Not Indy?

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