Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HB 1018 Watered Down..

Yesterday, in the full House of Representatives, HB 1018 got very watered down with exemptions for bars, private clubs and nursing homes. These exemptions are in addition to the ones added in committee for tobacco stores and casinos. The current version of the bill would make all other businesses smoke free such as restaurants, law offices and factories. One good thing that did happen yesterday is that a proposed amendment to add preemption to the bill which would prevent Indianapolis from passing a stronger bill was voted down.

The progress of HB 1018 is very disappointing with 22 other states already having stronger smoke free air laws than this and with more and more states passing stronger laws every year. It is hard to understand why our legislators want to pass a weak bill with so many holes when no other state in the country is passing such a law. I mean seriously we are surrounded by states that are smoke free in all businesses including bars; Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. Last week Terre Haute added its self to the list of cities with strong smoke free air laws by passing a law that will make all businesses smoke free including bars and restaurants. Representative Charlie Brown has a great quote in today's Star "It’s unconscionable that Indiana always brings up the rear,” Brown said. “If a North Carolina can do this, what does that say about Indiana?... It’s mind-boggling how we are so backwards.”

Our partners with the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air are working hard to get these added exemptions removed from HB1018 before it gets to the Senate. To learn more about them visit their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SmokefreeIndiana.

Please take the time to contact your Representative or Senator in support of making ALL Indiana businesses smoke free this legislative session: http://district.iga.in.gov/DistrictLookup/


Chris said...

What is the reasoning behind the nursing home exemption?

Smoke Free Indy: said...

At the time it was described as an exemption for veteran homes, and how can we tell veterans that they cannot smoke in their old age? But because there is no separation for just veteran homes all nursing homes are now exempt. Either way it is an awful exemption that will put the staff and nonsmoking residents at risk. Here is the exemption: http://www.in.gov/legislative/bills/2011/HAMP/MO101802.007.html

generalsn said...

Why do ban people have such a vile hatred toward veterans. They seem to be foaming at the mouth when a veteran wants to light up. Back off, leave them alone.

Smoke Free Indy: said...

There is no hatred against veterans, they should just be treated the same as everyone else. Everyone should get to work in a smoke free environment, when special exemptions are given a smoke free air law becomes weak and ineffective.