Wednesday, November 17, 2010

IBJ Article on Indiana Passing a Statewide Smokefree Air Law

This week's Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) has an article on the prospect of the Indiana Legislature passing a statewide smoke free air bill this session. Representative Charlie Brown does plan on re-introducing a bill this session that would require all businesses to be smoke free. This will be the fifth year that this type of bill has been introduced and every year we get a little closer to the actual passage of a smoke free air bill.

Without the Council taking any action in Indianapolis to strengthen our current law, it would be great if the state passed a smoke free air law that covers all workplaces to protect all workers from secondhand smoke. Currently there are 22 states that have laws covering all workplaces and bars.

Here is a map from the Americans For Nonsmokers Rights Foundation listing all the smoke free air laws across the nation. This map is from October 1st and does not include South Dakota which just passed by referendum.

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