Monday, October 11, 2010

Rural Indiana Wants A Smoke Free State

A new public opinion poll released by the Indiana Rural Health Association found that 66% of rural Hoosiers support a law making all workplaces, including bars, restaurants and membership clubs, smoke-free.

The survey also found that, on average, 85% of rural Hoosiers believe that workers should be protected from secondhand smoke exposure in all workplaces, with even 60% of current smokers in agreement.

The survey showed that over half (53% ) of rural adult Hoosiers would continue to eat out as often as they do now if all establishments were smoke free and 31% said they would eat out more often. Only 15% said they would eat out less. This represents a net gain of 15% in potential business.

The data was released on October 7th and was analyzed by the Survey Research Center at IUPUI.

This public opinion poll further shows support for the state legislature passing a smoke free air bill this upcoming session. To contact your state legislator in support of Indiana going completely smoke free, please go here:

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