Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wisconsin Now Smoke Free!

Today the entire state of Wisconsin is smoke free! That's right the entire state, bars and restaurants included, is smoke free. Generally when people think of Wisconsin they think of cheese and beer, and amazingly enough such a state can go smoke free and the world did not end. So what is taking us so long? Wisconsin is now the 33rd state to go smoke free, meaning that when Indiana finally goes smoke free we will be on the tail end of states to pass such a law. It is now to the point where it is not even a big deal to go smoke free because everyone else has already done it including Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota. We are being surrounded by states that are smoke free leaving us as the ashtray in the middle. Kentucky does not have a smoke free air law yet, but Louisville and Lexington are completely smoke free something Indy is not.

It is now time for Indiana and Indianapolis to do what everyone else has figured out is the right thing to do and pass a comprehensive smoke free air law for all businesses. Going smoke free helps people quit smoking, reduces cleaning costs, is what the majority wants and does not hurt business; so lets just do it already.


Anonymous said...

As soon as Senator Brown of Gary gives up on his casino exemption, Indiana will have a smoking ban.

IL Libertarian Dude said...

And why would he give up the casino exemption, ever? The casino revenue in Sen. Brown's district is too great and lucrative for him to give up the exemption, in any state smoking ban bill that would hit Gov. Daniels' desk. Even a Gary, Indiana city councilmember(Kimberly Robinson, 5th District) who floated the idea of a citywide smoking ban proposal(and very quickly got nowhere with this idea) right after the 2010 Indiana state smoking ban bill died stupidly included a casino smoking exemption, but would've covered all other Gary restaurants and bars.