Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New FDA Tobacco Regulations

Today, June 22, marks the start of the new FDA regulations on the tobacco industry. After the legislation passed in 2009 the FDA has been developing strategies to regulate the industry which had previously been allowed to operate without government over site.

Starting today cigarettes will no longer be called Light, Ultra Light or Low Tar instead you will see Gold and Silver on packaging. Retailers are no longer allowed to sell cigarettes individually they can only be sold in packs of 20 and they must card all individuals under the age of 27. Cigarettes cannot be sold in vending machines unless they are located in a adult only facility. The tobacco industry is also prohibited from sponsoring sporting or entertainment events, handing out logo'd materials or from handing out free samples of cigarettes. For more information on this important legislation and changes to the tobacco industry please visit the FDA's site: http://www.fda.gov/tobaccoproducts/default.htm.

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