Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter to the Editor's

There have been several great Letter to the Editor's in the Indianapolis Star lately on the NEED to make Indianapolis a smoke free city.

There is a particularly great one in today's star from a Mr. Charles Hardy who moved here from Austin, TX after experiencing going smoke free firsthand.

Last week there was a LTE from a Mr. Bruce Secor on his experience of moving here from Chicago, which is totally smoke free.

On May 6th, there was a LTE from a Mr. Derek Sumpter asking why the whole state of Michigan can smoke free but Indianapolis still allows smoking.

How many people writing into the Star will it take before our city and state leaders realize that it's what people want and a good thing to do?

Oh and the whole state of Wisconsin will go smoke free on June 1st. That's right the beer drinking, cheese eating and fun loving state to the north will be smoke free while we still allow secondhand smoke to impact our workers health.

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