Thursday, February 4, 2010

HB 1131 DOA

It appears that HB 1131, the smoke free air bill, is DOA in the Senate with Senate President Pro Tempore David Long not willing to let it be heard. He believes, and rightfully so, that the state legislature is not ready to pass a comprehensive smoke free air law, evidence of this can clearly be seen through all of the exemptions put in by the House.

Now is the time for Indianapolis to pass a comprehensive smoke free ordinance, the state legislature is not going to do it this year so it is up to us to make it happen. Everyday there are workers in Indy who have to work an 8 hour shift in a smoky room just to make ends meat, as citizens of this great city we have the power to prevent this from happening. Contact your councillor today and tell them that now is the time to make Indy smoke free.

The only other important bill still alive is SB298, which would abolish ITPC's board, it is now in the House for consideration. For reasons as to why this portion of this bill is not a good idea please see this earlier post. There is still time to voice your opinion with your Representative today, to find out who that person is go here.

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