Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Procedural Victories Keep Proposal 371 Alive for Consideration

Thanks to some very adept procedural maneuvering at yesterday’s council meeting in Indianapolis, Proposal 371 — which would make workplaces, including bars, bowling alleys and clubs, smoke free — was taken off the table and it’s now on the agenda for consideration by the City-County Council at the November 30th meeting. See the Indy Star story below for details.

IndyStar.com | Stronger smoking ban gets new life | The Indianapolis Star


Anonymous said...

Do any of the ban lobbyists ever go to any small local bars? After nearly two years, the local bars in my area of Chicago ignoring the ban have had no complaints. Why are they so intent on controlling places that they never go to. It seems that "legislating morality" is the real issue.

Lisa said...

No, my friend, they are legislating for my MORTALITY. See, second hand affects health. If you want to breathe your smoke, then please, feel free to do so. Just do it at home. I've stayed home long enough while you polluted the bars. It's YOUR turn to stay home while we non-smokers have our moment. Sorry, it's called sharing. As far as no non smokers going into your smoking bars...that really is a no brainer, now isn't it? Why frequent an establishment that refuses to follow the law? Sounds like a great place! No really it does! Enjoy your oxygen tank.