Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smoke Free Indy Media Campaign

On April 1st we launched our media campaign around secondhand smoke in the workplace. You can hear the ads on many Indianapolis radio stations including WIBC, WTTS, WEDJ and others. To hear our ad visit our website. We hope to use these ads and other media as a way to educate Indianapolis about the importance of everyone being able to breathe smoke free air, no matter where they work. We hope you like them.


magazine ads said...
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indy_ranger175 said...

If someone doesn't want to work in a bar that allows smoking, then don't apply there.

If someone doesn't want to drink in a bar that allows smoking, then don't go in there.

If there are so many people who don't want to be in a smoking bar, then someone should voluntarily open a smoke free bar and reap the windfall profits.

Let people have the freedom to choose and don't make laws restricting more of our freedoms.

Smoke Free Indy: said...

The Smoke Free Indy media campaign is about workers who work in secondhand smoke filled environments for hours at a time year after year who deserve the same healthy smoke free air that most other workers in Indianapolis already benefit from. Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer, asthma attacks, missed workdays and many other health problems that greatly impact our health care systems and the Indianapolis as a whole. Going smoke free is not about someone’s right to have a smoke, it is about public health and the greater good.