Monday, February 2, 2009

Smoke Free Indy Happy Hours: Why They're a GOOD Idea

Back in October, Smoke Free Indy started to host happy hours at local businesses that are already smoke free. We decided to do these happy hours as a way to support businesses who made the right choice by going smoke free and to bring supporters of smoke free air together for a casual mix and mingle. Contrary to some individuals belief these happy hours are not developed to show that the current law is working because we have these very few restaurants with bars that are smoke free, instead they were developed as a way to show that yes you can go to a smoke free business and have a good time, that there are a lot of individuals who prefer smoke free, and that a smoke free night out is the better choice.

Making Indianapolis smoke free is not about removing the choice of smokers to smoke, instead it is about making sure that ALL workers in Indianapolis get to work in a smoke free environment. Hospitality workers who still work in a bar, bowling alley and private club are still being exposed to over 250 cancer causing chemicals everyday and are 34% more likely to get lung cancer than individuals who work in a smoke free environments. Smoke free is not about choice, its about the right of all workers, not just white collar workers, to work in a safe, healthy and smoke free environment.

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