Tuesday, January 6, 2009

IBJ Editorial

Here is a great editorial featured in this weeks Indianapolis Business Journal (1/05/09-1/11/09) highlighting the top priorities the city should make in 2009. This first priority is to make all of Indianapolis smoke free!

"Now that we’ve closed the book on a difficult year, let’s recognize some of the bright spots of 2008 as well as some areas that need improvement. We propose these new year’s resolutions for Indianapolis:
Let’s make all Indianapolis workplaces smokefree. Hancock County just passed such a law. So have Bloomington, Cumberland, Fort Wayne, Plainfield and Zionsville. The partial local ban on workplace smoking enacted in 2006 was a good start. Now we need to finish the job by extending the prohibition to bars, bowling alleys, private clubs and outdoor dining areas. If Hancock County can do it, so can Indianapolis. Secondhand smoke kills—what more do we need to know?"

Hopefully 2009 is the year in which we make this a reality. Take a second if you can to thank the editorial board of the IBJ for supporting smoke free air. To read the full editorial click here.

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