Monday, December 15, 2008

Mickey Maurer IBJ Commentary On Smoke Free Air

In this weeks Indianapolis Business Journal (12/15/08-12/21/08), Mickey Maurer wrote a great commentary on why making Indianapolis and Indiana smoke free is so important. Thanks to Mr. Maurer for taking the time to write this editorial and to also recognize Smoke Free Indy and its efforts.

"..Smoke Free Indy knew better. It’s a coalition of state and local public health organizations, community based organizations and others founded in 2002 and dedicated to reducing secondhand smoke and tobacco usage through education, prevention and advocacy.
Smoke Free Indy cited a 2003 report offering a comprehensive view of available studies on the economic impact of smoke-free workplace laws that concluded bars and restaurants had nothing to worry about. The City-County Council was not convinced.
Today, Indiana can look at its own data. A 2007 study commissioned by Smoke Free Indy concluded that the 2005 ordinance has not had a negative impact on sales or employment. Studies of Marion County taxable food and beverage sales show overall food and drink sales were unchanged. Further study showed that the number of food and hospitality employees had not declined. ...."

If you pick up a copy of this weeks IBJ you can read the full commentary, they do not have it on-line.

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