Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Smoking in Movies

It is amazing how one little letter (G, PG, PG-13 or R) can affect the behaviors and attitudes of so many people! The movie rating system is a board of parents that determines what movies are appropriate for certain viewing audiences. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, they determine the rating according to: theme, language, violence, nudity, sex and drug use.

Smoke Free Indy supports Smoke Free Movies. Movies that have smoking in them should be rated R. Many of the characters on screen help to define what is acceptable to our youth. Kids are very smart and perceptive. Hopefully Hollywood takes advantage of this opportunity to increase the positive influences that they bring into our lives.

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LOLA said...

I think I was in denial about this for a long time. But it is true that when a caharacter in a movie smokes, wears a certain shade of lipsticks, has their hair a certain way, loves a certqain wine we want to follow in their footsteps instinctively. If watching "Sideways" made me thirst to drink some Pinot Noir ( already liked but foudn it again) , and watching "Crouching Tiger," made me want to learn kung fu, and I watched both of these as an adult, why wouldn't smoking influence us as a child?