Monday, July 21, 2008

FDA Regulation of the Tobacco Industry

Below is an op-ed urging passage of the legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration regulatory authority over tobacco products written by Bishop Michael J. Coyner of the Indiana Area of the United Methodist Church.

Thanks to UMC and Bishop Coyner for this timely op-ed in support of HR1108 [the FDA bill in the House] and S.625 [the FDA bill in the Senate]. In the House, HR 1108 is eligible for a vote by the full House, and is expected to happen at any time in the next two weeks or so.

Please contact your U.S. Representative, as well as Senators Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh, in support of this legislation.

If you’re not sure who your US Representative is, you can get contact information by clicking here: You can contact Senator Richard Lugar by telephone at (202) 224-4814 or by email:, and you can contact Senator Evan Bayh by telephone at (202) 224-5623 or by web form at:

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